Welcome to Keely Joy Photography!


 Keely is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Chandler, AZ.  Her specialty is using natural light, quality equipment, and years of experience photographing people of all ages to capture candid, photojournalistic moments of you and your loved ones.  Over the years, Keely has discovered the delicate balance of photographing a perfectly put together family or couple where everyone looks flawless and happy (like you do everyday all the time!) and the more emotional, goofy, raw images of real people in real relationships.


 Life is messy and we want to remember the best and happiest moments of our favorite places with our favorite people.  We also want to keep it real.  If you are looking for someone fun and creative to document a special life occasion, a special relationship, or maybe just to update your LinkedIn profile picture, Keely would love to work with you to bring your vision to life. You can contact her for more info here.  


In her free time, Keely loves hanging out with her husband, Nick, and their Russian Siberian cat, Miel. She also loves doing anything outdoors, competitive cribbage games, cooking new things, and finding the cutest, most Pinterest-worthy coffee shops in town (because they will also have the best-tasting coffee.)